Information Security: Protecting Client and Class Member Data

We go to great lengths to protect the confidentiality of the data maintained on behalf of our clients.  We provide our clients with the highest standard of care to ensure the integrity of the class action settlement administration process, maintain the confidentiality of each settlement, and protect the rights of class members.

Exceeding the requirements of SOC2/SSAE16, Analytics holds a FISMA-moderate authority to operate from the Federal Trade Commission (meeting the information security requirements for the top 10% of Federal systems), and are monitored by the Department of Homeland Security to ensure the confidentiality of client data.  Regardless of a client’s compliance requirements, Analytics will exceed their expectations. With the Federal agency responsible for enforcing data privacy laws as a client, we provide the highest standard of care in protecting the accuracy and confidentiality of the information we collect and manage.

Our high security standards offer:

  • Effective internal controls: Analytics is accredited under the Federal Information Security and Management Act (“FISMA”) and undergoes an annual audit to demonstrate the effectiveness of our internal controls. In fact, our standards are high enough that the Federal agencies responsible for enforcing data privacy laws are counted among our clients.
  • Global privacy protection: As class litigation becomes increasingly global, our data privacy protections and practices also comply with U.S. Department of Commerce “Safe Harbor” Privacy Principals to provide added assurance to our clients that their class member data is protected around the world.
  • Detailed Federal reporting: Analytics has adopted the more stringent Federal information security standards. Our comprehensive Federal System Test and Evaluation Report provides greater detail than a standard SOC2 Report– and corresponds closely with SOC 2/3 and ISO 27002 standards.