Expertise in Every Area of Class Litigation

With nearly four decades of experience, Analytics has subject-matter expertise spanning the full range of class litigation practice areas, including:

  • Antitrust
  • Civil Rights
  • Employment
  • Government
  • Insurance
  • Financial Products
  • Securities


Analytics has unmatched experience with direct and indirect purchaser antitrust litigation. Our antitrust litigation team includes notice experts and industrial organization economists. And our innovative approach consistently delivers cost savings, whether for a streamlined notice program or a unique distribution process.

Past case experience includes:

  • Red Eagle Resources Corporation, Inc., et al. v. Baker Hughes Inc., et al.
  • Rob’n I, Inc., et al. v. Uniform Code Counsel, Inc.
  • Sarah F. Hall d/b/a Travel Specialist, et al. v. United Airlines, Inc., et al.

Civil Rights

Analytics approaches civil rights settlements with heightened sensitivity and awareness for class members.

Past case experience includes:

  • Cazenave, et al. v. Sheriff Charles C. Foti, Jr., et al.
  • Garcia, et al v. Metro Gang Strike Force, et al.
  • Travis Brecher, et al. v. St. Croix County, Wisconsin, et al.
  • McCain, et al. v. Bloomberg, et al.

Consumer/Product Liability

Analytics is recognized as a leader in the field and has been retained since 1998 by the Federal Trade Commission to provide expert advice and consulting services in more than 200 consumer settlements.

Past case experience includes:

  • Joel E. Zawikowski, et al. v. Beneficial National Bank, et al.
  • Kenneth Toner, et al. v. Cadet Manufacturing Company
  • F.T.C. v. The Crescent Publishing Group, Inc., et al.
  • In Re: High Sulfur Content Gasoline Products Liability Litigation


With forty years of experience administering labor and employment settlements, we lead the industry with subject matter expertise, process improvements, and innovation. We deliver superior technology, project management, and operational expertise to maximize the quality of the administration process and minimize the costs. Analytics provides exactly what you need… and nothing you don’t.

Governmental Actions

We have worked with state and federal entities in Washington, DC, and across the country on very significant, high-profile matters, including:

  • Department of Justice
  • Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Federal Trade Commission
  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Securities Litigation

Analytics has 25 years of experience administering securities litigation settlements, including the first “junk-bond” securities litigation settlement, global classes of investors, and settlements involving nearly two million investors.

We provide precise, innovative solutions that reduce the time from settlement to distribution, ensure effective communication with clients and class members, and cut administrative costs without sacrificing quality. Our securities litigation team is dedicated to processing claims as rapidly as possible, while simultaneously guarding against fraudulent claims.

Past case experience includes:

  • In Re: Merrill Lynch Research Reports Securities Litigation
  • In Re: McKesson HBOC, Inc. Securities Litigation
  • In Re: Raytheon Company Securities Litigation